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Virgin Human Hair Care 101 Or Hair Extensions

At VenyHair, we’re not just concerned about selling hair, Hair Extensions to our customers. We want you to have the best experience with our products, and get the most out of your money.

So we have a list of recommended hairstylists for all our clients, which you can find here. These are the stylist we work with, and trust to install and treat your hair with the best professional care.

To enjoy all the benefits that come with owning virgin hair, you should also take the right steps to maintain it properly.

Here are some hair care tips you can apply to keep your virgin hair healthy and lush.

Treat the hair as if it was yours Or Hair Extensions

Just as your natural hair needs regular cleaning, detangling, and other care practices, so does your virgin hair, Hair Extensions. To keep the strands healthy and shiny, I must constantly care them for.

Don’t cut your wefts/tracks

If you cut the wefts at any point, the thread used to hold the hair strands together will unravel. This will immediately cause shedding and matting issues. Therefore, hair loses its weight and bounces. If we leave you with no other option but to cut your wefts, ensure that your stylist seals it properly with a weft sealer. If you’re not a professional stylist, don’t do this by yourself.

Moisturize your strands

Once virgin hair from the donor, it loses its access to moisture and nutrients. You should supplement those nutrients by keeping your hair properly moisturized. An easy option is a hair-friendly oil like argan oil. Doing this regularly will keep your hair from drying out, getting frizzy, or breaking off.

Comb with the right tools

Only comb your hair using a wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush. If you plan to wash or curl it, comb your hair thoroughly before you begin. For better results, section your hair before combing.

Use co-washing as your go-to wash style

Shampoos are very drying. They strip natural moisture and oils from the hair strands. You want to keep your virgin hair away from shampoos as much as you can. Co-washing is a gentler way of cleaning your hair while protecting its natural nutrients. Conditioner (the key ingredient in co-washing) also provides moisture and shine to your hair. As often as you can, allow your hair to air dry after washing.

Avoid frizz

Frizz is very damaging to hair. If it’s not controlled, it can permanently alter the texture and style of the hair. To avoid this, don’t rub the hair wildly with a towel. Instead, pat the hair dry gently, and in sections.

Color with care

To stay safe, never color your virgin hair by yourself. Consult with a licensed professional and leave the coloring to them. They have the needed experience and tools to prevent permanent damage. Hair coloring is a perilous process, and if you want to enjoy your money’s worth, you shouldn’t take that risk by yourself.

Avoid heat damage

Heat damage affects virgin hair just as well. Think of it this way- every time you apply heat to your hair, you reduce its lifespan. Now, I’m not saying don’t apply heat to your hair. Do it only when necessary and take the right precautions while doing so. This includes not using excessive heat and applying a quality heat protectant to your hair. Great alternatives for hot tools include perm rollers, Flexi rods, and steamrollers.

Protect your hair during sleep time

Always prep your hair for bedtime. You can tie it up using a silk/satin bonnet, or a silk/satin scarf. This will protect your hair from rubbing against your neck and pillow as you turn in bed. The friction could cause your hair to frizz or break off. To avoid crazy bed heads, secure your hair every night before bed.

Please watch this video to see some insight on how to take good care of your hair extensions

Hair Testing

Important Note:

Brush hair ends first, then the middle and the top at last. Do not brush directly from the top and pull hard, it will break the hair. Regular care will keep the hair in good condition and avoid tangle problems. Improper dyeing or other chemical process will damaged the hair and cause shedding and tangle problems.

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