Virgin Human Hair Care 101


Virgin Hair is the highest quality of hair available, it has not been chemically processed or altered, and therefore the hair is in its purest natural. All the cuticles are intact, they have not been stripped like in lower grades of hair, and are also tangles free, which allow virgin hair to be easily styled and cared for. If virgin hair is not properly treated, it can be damaged and lose its natural beauty. Specific procedures must be followed when taking care of this hair, whether you are washing, shampooing or conditioning, coloring (dyeing) you must follow the proper steps or you will damage your hair.

Following these steps, your virgin hair will maintain its luster and natural beauty for months and months.

  1. Do not cut the wefts, seal the wefts
  2. Use sulfate -free shampoo
  3. Use non alcohol Products
  4. Avoid salt water or chlorine water
  5. Avoid using too much heat
  6. Always use a wide tooth comb
  7. Treat this hair, as if it was your own hair.
  8. Never sew through the top of the weft, it is recommended that you sew around the weft and onto the braided track. Putting a needle through the weft will damage the wefts and cause shedding.
  9. Buying quality Virgin human extensions is a big investment; therefore proper care should be taken at all times.
  10. Don’t use oil on the hair, for it will damaged the hair after it’s beeing dryed up .


Please watch this video to see some insight on how to take good care of your hair extensions

Hair Testing

Important Note:

Brush hair ends first, then the middle and the top at last. Do not brush directly from the top and pull hard, it will break the hair. Regular care will keep the hair in good condition and avoid tangle problems. Improper dyeing or other chemical process will damaged the hair and cause shedding and tangle problems.