100% Raw Human Hair Extensions

100% raw human hair extensions are the best type of hair that you can find in the hair industry. I can bleach this type of hair to the lightest shades of blonde, including color #613, unlike Remy’s hair, which bleaches to color #27. Both raw hair and Remy’s hair are good, but the differences are not the same. The raw hair’s longevity compares to Remy’s hair. Plus, Remy’s hair sometimes has more short hair than raw hair, depending on the hair vendor or the factory.

We have the best hair extensions on the market right now. So, we made our range of human hair extensions from only the finest raw hair.

Is it okay to use raw human hair?

When you think of a process, you’re thinking of anything that treats with chemicals, heat, or steam. Raw hair is the purest and most natural type of hair on the market.

Do you care about quality? But can’t afford the expensive price?

Why not give our 100% raw human hair extensions a try?

Key benefits of buying raw human hair extensions

  • Our hair extensions are 100% raw human hair collected from single donors.
  • We aligned the cuticles in the same direction.
  • This hair bleach or (lift) to the lightest shades of blonde, including colors # 27 and # 613. This hair flat iron uses the hottest heat setting at 450 degrees and up.
  • The good thing about our raw hair is that we can wash it over and over without it fading away.
  • The lifespan of this hair is between 2 and 3 years, depending on proper maintenance.

You will never regret purchasing from us. But we have been very honest and loyal in the industry for over nine years.

Contact us now to chat further, or visit our website at www.venyhair.com Let’s get started!

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  1. admin

    You can’t go wrong buying high quality raw human hair extension. It’s an investment..

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